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Was auf der Hot-Liste unserer Design-Profis ganz oben steht? Rosé im Fresko-Look mit raffinierter Spitzen-Optik, voluminöse 3D-Strukturen und megaweiche dunkle Felle mit subtilem Glanz!

PROFLAX_HW2018_Designers_Choice_teaser PX_Label_Key Piece_dark_neu


On the quiet, escaping notice, luxurious throws have conquered interiors – made of finest cashmere and so light and soft that you can hardly keep your fingers off them. The precious yarn comes from Kashmir goats that live in the icy heights of the Himalayas and therefore have a uniquely warm fleece. This is not shorn but rather combed out by hand. Only the finest down of the undercoat is utilized and pro goat amounts to just 200 grams per year! While our Touch throw is 100% pure cashmere, Inside combines cashmere with merino – a type of wool with amazingly high-tech qualities: it warms in winter, cools in summer, is breathable, moisture-regulating, anti-bacterial, anti-static and self-cleaning.