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Cushions in pale blue, throws in petrol and tea bowls in mint: muted watercolours infuse our rooms now. But after all, why not? So light, airy and harmonious – that’s how we have always wanted to live!

We love Porzellanfräulein ...

… after all, where else in Hamburg can you paint ceramics yourself – and what’s more, in such a wonderful ambiance! When she founded it a few years ago, Wiebke Lüdemann had a dream: she wanted to create a laid-back space in which anyone could exercise some creativity for a few hours. And the way it looks, the “Fräulein” must have hit the right note. Anyone who wants to come with several friends ought to make sure to reserve well in advance!

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The New Quilting Class

Materials with intriguing textures can excite us again and again. Especially when they’re real “must-haves” such as these luxury cushions in origami style! For the various patterns – arrow, brick or circle – the fabric is folded artfully and then quilted. Quite an extravagance, as the folding alone consumes a copious amount of material. And then there are also such enchanting details as the contrasting coloured thread in the circle pattern (to be seen in themes 7 and 8). We’re already making room on our sofas!